Roar and scream in the face of grief

Sometimes when things get bad

Through loss and other things

That cause us to be mad or sad

We have to know that there is nothing wrong

In showing our feelings to help us stay strong

So don’t hold back cry and scream

Shout out the words you’re desperately feeling

Roar like a lion or scream like a banshee

Release the pain and let the anger our

Let out the the frustration and the rage out

To bottle up how you’re feel voice t out loud

And cry and do whatever it takes

To help alleviate because other wise it will eat you away

Leave you crippled by the intense pain

Shout at the universe, scream at the stars

Let them know how tormented you are

And you will find healing echo back

You will feel the comfort you lack

Flowing through your being for realising all

Now let the love and light wash over you

Then walk and live with inner peace

Because you’re freeing the negativity that’s within.

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