I know it hurts


I know you’re hurting

I cannot know your pain

But I can hold you

And offer comfort again

You can’t voice the struggles within you

Or the thoughts your mind instills that’s not true

Your untrained mind is not your friend

Though it may try and it may pretend

To convince you

And in the loneliness of your dark room

It torments and goads you

To think and do things that are no good

Leaves you feeling that there’s no way out

Teachers you to have self hate and doubt

And says the world it does not need you

And that you can burn it all down

By suicide and and turning your light out

That it will make you less invisible

And this will bring attention back to you

It will hurt those who hurt you

It will show them all

But it could not be further from the truth

These thoughts are deceiving you

Don’t let your light go out this way

I know you seek peace from the pain

But there are other ways

If you hold on we can discover them

For unity brings strength

To enable you to carry on

Just hold on

Keep holding on and don’t you let go

You are loved and special and this you need to know

And though your mind will try to to you different

It does it mostly when your alone

When it feels your weak and vulnerable

Your untrained mind is not your friend

So shut it down and out through mindfulness

And learn to put that demon seed to rest

And nurture a new trained mind of happiness

I will help in everyway to do this

Because in the end everybody needs that friend.

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