Skyward bound

I just cannot lie

I reach for the sky

I am like a falcon

Spreading my wings wide

Soaring through the clouds

Weaving in and out of verdant trees

Looking down at the ant like people beneath me

Scurrying about in endless futility

While I soar high up in the sky

I fly on sirocco winds

I am tracing the gulf stream route

I glide in solitary bliss

High in the sky are perfect moments not to be missed.

I soar above mountain peaks

Snow covered beauty

I glide over rainforests

Lungs of our earth

Breathing out life

I sail on wings so incandescent

Spiritual in essence

I witness war and atrocities

But high in the sky they can’t touch me

High in the sky I fly free

A bird on wings of filigree

Seeking the answers that plague me

What’s wrong with our humanity

We could be existentially free

And fly high in the sky

Dancing to symphonies

Resonating on vibrancy

Gliding on streams of higher frequency

Up in the sky I live my spiritual beliefs

Up in the sky is my only release.

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