Fairy tale love

She sparkled with a light of purest love

Her beautiful eyes were deep enough,

To lose yourself in and bask in bliss

Her lips so red and sumptuous they yearned to be kissed,

Her figure sculptured in perfect curves

It’s flow and lines left all in awe

This was my Princess who I adored.

I was her Prince who offered her the world

Put her her on a pedestal on a pedestal under flags unfurled,

In our city of Atlantis we had had it all

A love so deep it could not be equalled,

We shone so bright and resonated grace

And as I watched from a distance

She would glide around our city state

She always took my breath away

And turned heads and courted smiles

And with her kindness and compassion

She managed to beguile.

She was enchanting and amazing

And was loved by all

And I thought our love would be eternal,

I never could have foreseen the future in in store

The sound and sight of the oceans roar

But centuries on, our love continues more

And my Princess and I are now royalty of the deep sea

Who are part of an oceanic dynasty.

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