Dancing among the lillies

She danced upon a pond of lilies

Leaping from lily pads willy nilly

Dancing to tunes of universal frequency

She had such grace and bliss

Dazzling in a dress of amethyst

I could barely hold back and resist

She looks just like a fairy imp

Dancing with humour and wit

Laughing at everything

Though gliding as if on air

Dancing without a care

I spied through the reeds

At the edge of the pond

And time seemed to go slow

But around her was a throng

Of dragonflies sweeping and spinning all around

While a frog chorus could heard croaking their sounds

So many insect so much of the life

Was rising to join and watch her in delight

As she danced and as she swayed

The pond came to life as I watched in a vibrant display

Which is why I guess I love her quirky ways.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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