Work ethic

Work don’t get no easier

Forcing down wages

Upping what you’re supposed to do

Zero contracts they say are in place to help you

Many just struggling above minimum wage

While the pressures piling on

To increase your productivity rate

Those at the bottom fight the routine mundane

Those at the top spend time of golf and other corporate days

But it’s a constant struggle for all

And even worse if you have no job at

Everyone makes out these jobs are all so technical

When I was younger and you seemed engaged and switched

They’d let you have a go

See if you could learn it

Standing strong or you’d fall

But at least you got a chance

To show what you could do

Show them the truth

That you’re nobody’s fool

That as an individual

And a little bit of help we could master it all

But now no one gives any one a chance

You need qualifications and experience

It’s hard to always achieve that stance

We are capable because we are magnificent

So maybe it’s time to redress

The way people in and out of work are assessed

Not just kept on a low wage

And expected to work like a slave.

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