Dark and dangerous

So much light fills my life

On a day to day basis

Yet from the corner of my eye

At the edge of my peripheral vision

Lurking somewhere maybe in my deep subconscious

I see and feel something dark and dangerous

Always stalking skulking in shadows

Always brooding carefully moving

So as not to be identified

But yet I hear muffled anguished cries

And the low level disquiet chatter

Over what sounds like stifled Church bell sounds

I see vaguely headstones and graves all around

I feel the chill of the night and see the low lying mist

I feel the preternatural in all of this

And wonder if this dark and dangerous realm

Is something others have seen on heard

Teetering at the edges of their lives

Or is this just me close to faltering and going out of my mind

A precursor and warning of that which waits for me

If I lose the light and self belief

And stumble and fall and fail to get up

This is how in life you can come unstuck

If not wary of dangers and darkness

Of the subconscious mind and peripheral realms.

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