Dark love

Lost deep within the atmospheric

Wandering in the esoteric

I feel the increasing static electric

Rip through my being like you would not merit

In discovery of things unknown and deep

Disturbing my mindful days and blissful sleep

I see visions of you here in the darkness on my bed

Beckoning me over to taste your exotic fruit

Writhing and arching as you do so

Like your possessed and the one thing I know

Is that seductive look you cast my way

Half innocent yet half depraved

Is a look to hard to resist

I feel that everything is building up to this

Moment of passionate release where I come to you

And you sensually submit

And then in the throes of love and lust

You then dominate and suddenly thrust

Your body roughly on to mine

You torment me with your sublime eyes

Ready to feast upon my flesh

Threaten to bite me and rip open my chest

To get to my pounding beating heart

I knew this was likely from the start

Yet still I could not resist the temptation of you

Yet still could not walk away like I should in truth

But I feel that the culmination of this esoteric dream

That could force from my lips a forlorn scream

Of desire and yet feeling the frightening

Demonic cravings of your yearnings

I bleed and cry to be with you

Despite knowing in truth

That you may just eat me alive.

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