Admiration for the lucky few

I surreptitiously envy those who

find the opportunity to roam freely

in glades within woods

and over verdant prismic hills

under open blue sky’s

soaking up and embracing natures

flowers and fauna as they are pollinated

by insects abounding.

I marvel at those who can sit and spend time

by rivers flowing graciously

along a course bordered by statuesque trees

and have the time to climb hills and mountain peaks

to sit and watch meditatively

over sweeping landscapes down below

watching birds fly by and swooping down low

weaving in the clear crisp air of the various seasons

just to sit and think of nothing but breathing.

How I covert those who can sit on headland rocks

and glorify in watching the power of the sea

the ebb and flow, the waves so mighty

crashing roaring on to the beach with it’s foamy spume

and leaving in it’s wake seaweed covered sand

watching the tiny stones roll up and down the shore

then as the day begins to reach it’s natural ending

sit in wonder as the sun sets and the sky turns hues

of differing colours of orange, pinks, purples and reds

as if being painted by an artist creating a masterpiece

with natures brushes on a sublime canvas

only to see it fade and be replaced by shining sparkling stars

and a luminescent moon set against an ebony back drop

it makes my heart and soul yearn and ache to stop and watch

all of that nature has to offer those with time to sit and view

with time to spend with nothing else to do but mindfully sit

and breathe it all in while infusing creation within their being

I truly am in awe of those can sit and experience

everything that nature and creation can do.

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