Memories are what we have


I walk down lanes lost in time

Memories are all I have to fill my mind

Past recollections of summertime in June

Where we had such great times

When we played, laughed and sung

Because we were wild and free

And we had no idea where we were going too

All we wanted was to not lose

These moments of excitement and fun

Were all we need to continue on

And as we knew nothing ever lasted forever

We vowed in those moments to bond together

To make the most of whatever life would thrust our way

I still recall those golden days

Running, skipping and shouting loud

Euphoric over excited motivation that comes from being young

Kissing, and loving everyone

Who understood it was all just fun

Nothing fixed, nothing serious

Just sharing all of our experiences

As friends discovering life

And appreciating our existence

While making the most of resisting

Being forced into a life we did not want

We knew we would be young just once

So we were determined to live it in light, fun and love.

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