The governments don’t care about the youth

You need to understand this truth

They are to busy conditioning and lying to you

In a hope you’ll do what they want you to do.

The media don’t care for the youth

It’s run by old corporate suits

Who like to dictate to you and follow their same path in truth

Throw you crumbs to make believe

That somehow yo can succeed

Knowing all the times what you feed

Is their incessant need for greed

Sell you tales of experience

And teach you the way it’s always been

Which is why things have never changed

And why nobody is ever free

Keep young wages on the low

Keep their contracts close to zero

Make them pay for university

All of these things help foster their greed

This is the way it’s always been

But it’s time for you get smart and start thinking

For yourselves in unique ways

And use the opportunity to blaze a new trail

So you can create a new society

One that’s based on equality

For all.

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