Absolute truth

What is absolute truth

Is this believing in something that cannot be proved,

Or the suspension of what you understand to be reality

And a stepping out of the illusory,

Whereby you immerse yourself within

Where every source of creation and absolute truth begins,

Within the seed that grows through nurturing

And if we dwell deep inside then maybe we will be surprised to find

All the answers come from this omniscient source.

Absolute truth is understanding we know nothing

That everything is created from the mind, by the mind,

That everything manifests within your being and divine light

That transcends your knowledge

And transforms who you think you are

And who others perceive you to be.

Absolute truth in reality

Is the knowledge that we are sparks of energy

Of conscious manifested transcendental being.

The absolute truth is we know nothing from where we came from

That we have no idea where will go or end up

And that we are here merely to experience being human,

Learning about each and every aspect

Learning to understand that love, kindness and compassion

Is the nature of evolving through positivity into enlightenment,

Whereas hate, violence, fear and bigotry

Is the nature of negativity that leads regression of the spirit

And the restriction of all growth.

Absolute truth is not found in dogmatic doctrines

Or in pious perceptions of life and humanity

That when we believe we know everything

And attempt to alter the nature of life and humanity

And when we believe we can control spirit through

Indoctrination through scripture and ignorant arrogant belief

Based within self righteousness

And false knowledge and understanding,

Gained through a lifetime of domestication

Indoctrinated within us from our fore fathers

Rather than through the elemental manifestation of spirit.

Absolute truth is found deep with each of us

Not in the search within others,

When we reach within the luminescent soul

And learn to reside there in mindfulness and stillness,

Clarity will flood within and fill our conscious mind with truth

For we have abandoned ego and self

And opened our eyes and minds up to the spirit that is creation,

The we may understand that we are one with all things

Which will enable us to surpass our basic nature to hurt all things

And to stop destroying all things that we are one with.

The absolute truth is the answers to existence is not out there

But are inside of us waiting to be discovered.

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