Judgement is not others to make

It’s not yours to decide

Who gave you such a righteous mind

To believe you know enough to define anything within this life

Judgement stems from ego

And is rooted in the self loathing and doubt

That represents our own insecure and ignorant state

And it manifests through a need to create

Fictional stories about others lives

Who we know absolutely nothing about

A perception we create through our own flawed mind

Labelling and boxing others all the time

Arrogantly missing the fact that we are blind

To all else except our own lives

And even then we are often blind to this

To busy being obsessive

About others and their lives

And creating false stories

Reliving lives as victims

Or of bravery and glory

All like your judgements

Are based in falsehood

All of these definitions misunderstood

Because we fail to see how the conscious creates

Everything in our mindless state

Don’t see that we know nothing rather than everything

And that all aspects of our life are creations designed, defined and created

By us as part of the illusory

And has nothing to do with truth and reality.

9 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. Exceptional writing!! And you are correct. Me, my writing has absolutely nothing to do with what my reality/ life portrays. Though I do write epistles only about people I love and know! There is not an ounce of negativity in me. I love what your literary work stands for! Awesome job! (Tears)

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