What my life purpose is

What’s the purpose of my life

To accumulate perfect car, house, kids and wife

Fill it full of material things

A cash rich life and high earnings

Maybe but that’s not the case

But that’s OK anyway

I’ve found another way to live

And what you’ve never had you can’t miss.

My life purpose is live in compassion

Live in love and inner peace

I discovered spirituality and this I find satisfies me

So I see my purpose as living in kindness

See my life as a learning curve

Here to find out about our existence

And to see it as a blessing not as a curse.

My purpose is to spread the love

Spread the light and messages

Of how if we unite as on race

We could live a life of peace

So this is my goal, to bring about change

A message that says ‘fight war not wars’

To live an existential life

Where recognising we are not part but the whole

Of everything that we see that exists

This is what I believe my purpose is.

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