Power to the people

People are not born to hate or discriminate

To abuse or to violate,

These acts are taught through domestication

Of powerful indoctrination

And continual manipulation,

Through media, parents and society

It hard to escape this reality,

To find our love and inner peace

At least this is my philosophy

A personal opinion and thesis,

That says if we promote a more positive way

In the same way we see negativity displayed,

That we could manifest and transform people to change

The way they live from day to day,

With positive role models

That don’t reinforce fear

This much I believe to be clear,

Where people become less fake and more sincere

The future could be bright and clear

And that the people of this world could learn to unite

And heal the callous political divides,

That are used by those who rule

To breed a tribal and confused,

Humanity that is not born but bred to hate

Through the use of a brainwashing state,

That requires our compliance

So that it can rule and control

But through change we can return power to the people.

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