Lies break so much trust

Lies break so much love

Yet lies we tolerate each day

From government and media

We are brought up being spoon fed lies

Yet we accept this because we refuse to buy

Into this believing that these people would not do that

But smaller lies we tell each other that don’t have the same impact

Rip big holes in people’s lives

Causes bitterness, hate and makes us cry

Yet we ignore and accept on a daily basis great big lives

That distract and misinterpret lives

Lies on war, and consumer shit,

Lies about the universe and reality

Lies about history but it don’t upset us one bit

When you should be devastated

Because you believe this existence to be reality

So you accept this life of suffering

You buy into this life of power and greed

And when you’re laying on your deathbed

You’ll realise money don’t mean a thing

It just affected your ability to be happy

And enjoy the love and light

And to see the truth

Which is everything you experienced was a lie

And you were fooled.

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