Crushing lonliness

I know your suffering from the weight

Of feeling that you’re on your own

But in truth that’s not the case

It’s just you live life solely within your home

The fear of life and society

Has caused you life to be falsely seen

The only thing to fear is fear

And this fear has left you feeling lonely

Just open your mind and open your eyes

And come with me and step outside

I will show you a world of beauty and of love

And that there is companionship and friends enough

To lift this weight

And to stop it crushing you

By simply realising the truth

That there are people who love and care for you

And so much in life that you could choose to do

When you unshackle yourself from your chains

And finally decide to live again

Don’t worry others live the same

You are not the only one

But step outside and your loneliness

Will finally become undone.

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