There are things that haunt me

There are ghosts that hover close

That live on the periphery

That resonate on harmonic notes

Of frequency within the vibrations of our dreams

It’s hard to tell what their intentions are

It’s hard to know what we should feel

About these ghosts that haunt us

Are they friendly are they not

Are they here intentionally

Or are they simply lost

Our lives they resonate the light

And in duality also light

But I am sure in both realities these ghosts

Play a part within our lives

And haunt us all.

2 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. As a metaphor I can feel such ghosts myself. In my case, to be less whimsical, they are memories. Memories of things handled badly, people wronged, situations I could have handled better. Again in my own case the only solace I can find is to realise there is nothing I can do about my past but everything I can do with my future. Carpe diem.

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