Futuristic scenes

Sticky was the night air

Steamy were the side walks

Crowded were the sign filled streets

Where vendors touted their wares

All kinds of spicy food, fish and rice, burgers and hot dogs

All tempting the pallette

Noisy are the streets a cacophony of sound

And cars they are everywhere

And new technologies mean that some hover humming in the air

The night is black the moon is bright

And stars sparkle with delight

And this futuristic scene is a place of do or dare

And many different cultures

And many different languages

Give variety to life

And shades and hues of different colours

Brighten up the night

Like a rainbow arching symphony

Sharing all it’s multifarious lights.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Futuristic scenes

  1. I use to go over to San Fransisco with my camera to capture all that your poem entails.I miss that option. I’m way up in the mountains now. Diversity, and yet people still struggle to find their own unique originality. Multifarious lights…NICE!

    Liked by 1 person

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