Pigeon man

They called him the pigeon man

he lived his life not as others planned

sleeping rough on the streets patron saint

of the pigeons he cares for and feeds

and though others call them vermin

it’s a view in which he does not agree

and in a moment he gain a flock at people feet

which they often respond in glee

within the seated area of the precinct.

They call him pigeon man

he lived his life by his own plan

and wraps up warm on the coldest days

because what if he was to fade away

who would feed his pigeons day to day.

He watches kids as they run and scare the pigeons all away

and then when they’re not looking he does the same to them

put’s the fear of God into them

and then explains and them how it feels

sometimes they understand what he says

but often others abuse or cheek him and then run away.

He is the pigeon man

and he loves his feathered friends

and he is loyal to the end, feeding and healing them

when they are injured or maybe sick

he tries so hard to fix this

and they seem to show him loyalty in return

it’s as if respect is mutually earned.

The pigeon man

I’d like to take and shake him by the hand

for caring and showing such compassion

and for entertaining folks

this mighty man of men he get’s my vote

for he is loving everything the only way he can

even though he lives rough on the street

even though in a cardboard box he sleeps

and he himself is shown no love or respect by society

yet still he ensure his pigeons get enough to eat.


2 thoughts on “Pigeon man

  1. This is wonderful! And it speaks volumes towards a lot of things such as homelessness, judging someone by what they look like, judging someone because of what they do, and doing good even though society is not good to you. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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