Why plagiarise

If you have an open

And creative mind,

Why waste your time

On rehashing others

Words or rhymes,

When you, I am sure

Have a unique take on life,

Paraphrase that’s OK,

Quote and credit

From whence it came

But plagiarising

Just seems to me

A waste of your talent

And in a way it cheats,

Those who first wrote those lines

Crafted those words

From their own mind

And you then creep up

From behind and try to steal,

Their praise and limelight.

To plagiarise is as good as a lie

Theft of another’s vision on life,

It’s tantamount to being a leech

And cultivating others belief,

Is just creatively lazy

And it always phases me

Because it’s not necessary.

(written on the request of Myth and friend and follower.)

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