Dreamers wanted

I wish to share a life of dreams with you

I wish to connect with others who dream to

Because dreamers of this life

Know that dreams are not a waste of time

But an inspiration to grow from seeds

Into one day massive trees

That one day will help other people breathe

When they’ve lost hope and they’ve lost belief

Dreamers of the world unite

And use your intuitive foresight

To help heal this world and all species

So than we can re-establish the beauty

And the miracle of life

And existing in these times

Let dreamers lead the way to light

Let dreams spread their visions worldwide

In a hope of creating love and peace

Which seems at the moment out of reach

And motivate others to dream too

Because in this life if you dream

What have you got to lose?

Just the suffering and pain

Dreaming could help you find the love again.

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