No sides I take

I take no sides where conflict exists

I condemn all hate, war, violence, and wickedness

That leads ultimately to innocent suffering or death

I will oppose oppression until my final breath

This world I see is here for all to share

Not to carve up and owned here and there

By oligarchs and governments

By dictators who crave annihilation

Of any other sovereign nation that will not yield

Or share the same ideals

I see to many people killed

In the name of God, Queen or country

These visions they always haunt me

I desire a better world than this

One where all humanity exists

To evolve and grow through love and peace

But many call this unrealistic and too simplistic

But these are the one who earn from weapons and war

These are the governments who send us to war

These are the oligarchs who promote war

What the hell are we fighting for?

Land that belongs to everyone?

Money and power that we don’t get any of?

It’s crazy to me and easy to see they pump us full of patriotic glee

To inspire our fervour like a disease

To keep these wars continually continuing

To keep the arguments and hate going

To keep the need for funding

The military machines of death.

Time to change, time for peace

Time to unite against this

Those who keep driving us as a humanity into this

Are not even close to the top of the most intelligent list

Yet through mechanism like fear and xenophobia

They are able to win the vulnerable over

And inspire and instill greater divides among nations

Where actually we should be trying to unite

Trying to work as an entire entity

To finally set humanity free

Through liberation of heart and soul

Where we are no longer controlled by fear, debt, colour, faith or class

Is a unified humanity living in love and peace to much to ask?

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