Wrong turn (reprise)

Has society taken a wrong turn

Is there something we can learn,

From the viciousness printed by the press

To the sick trolls on the internet,

Who hide behind their computer screens

And post sick twisted things which are obscene,

In forms of posts and memes.

Meanwhile the media divides

With it’s xenophobic cries,

Full of hate and discriminatory

I want you to love not hate me,

Is this way to much to ask

That kindness and compassion should last

But anger and negativity is easier to muster and to feel,

Quick to rise deep inside and takes no thought,

So no intellectual reprises needed

Which is no suprise at all.

Why I ask do people think it’s ok to disrespect other people

In so many different ways

And if you met those who act in these sick displays,

Tend to be strangely normal by day,

When out of their bedrooms or their dark basements they come,

From their safe zone to carry out harassment

But interesting journalist who are often

Public school and university educated,

Have no excuse for their intellectual displacement,

Reporting and participating in fake and divisive news,

Trashing people’s reputations

And subjecting them to abuse,

As ordered by their oligarchy muse

Who shape the stories to direct and control societies views.

Where has our free and independent press gone

Seems now that ideal is truly now bygone.

The challenge for us who are not this way

Is to bring about a real change,

That steers people intellectually and spiritually away,

From the viciousness of hate,

To bring about a society where people care and share

And shine love and light there,

As an example of what’s true and right

To make this future hopeful and bright,

So we can celebrate the power and the might,

Of standing up for liberty and people’s rights,

To be who and what they choose to be,

To live lives and hold beliefs in a society where they are free

And where people understand the ability

To use the internet to connect,

Learn to understand different cultures and creeds

And be able to share beliefs and become more tolerant

When they see that as one humanity,

That we are all different and yet still unique

And where we can grow spiritually,

Into to better people ultimately.

10 thoughts on “Wrong turn (reprise)

  1. Can you view others opinions with being offended

    Can you be the voice of reason and share different views with others who may be different from you

    Can you remain kind and peaceful

    Can you share love with all

    If not the Internet is not maybe for you

    If your anger and rage it fuels

    If you cannot tolerate others views.

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      1. Life is ever changing and inconsistent. The moment you stop changing and evolving you become stale, the open mind is open to all things. My idea is to show all aspects and sides of life remain flexible to all cognition.


      2. I wonder if I should be flattered that you visit my blog if only to detract from that which I try create from my own thoughts. In a sea of millions of blogs you choose mine to comment on. I always welcome and appreciate your views and thoughts even if I don’t agree and even if they are being used towards me detrimentally. The fact you keep returning is a pleasure to me.

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  2. Influential intellect speaking to the masses! Like the words of of John Lennon..” I hope some day you will join us, And the world will be as one”. Exceptional voice you have shared! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Great writing! Maybe one day you will consider writing some thing on the subject of plagiarism. The price of fame has no lines uncrossed these days. Anyway, you have a talent and recognition is about for you! Great job! OK…

        Liked by 1 person

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