Discovery of the positive mind


There was a time when darkness

Was a constant visitor

And time when I let worry always affect me

But in those bad times nothing ever got better

Nothing ever seemed to improve

So I decided what was the point in it

If stressing out changes nothing

If all it does it make you feel down and sad

Then I need something I’ve not maybe had

So I rediscovered my spirit and self love

And I rediscovered the light that is enough

To lift you to a greater state of mind

So that I became more positively inclined

Now I am not saying the light casts dark away

But it does help worrying less each day

Because there is much that we can’t control

Except building a heart of love and peace within our soul

Which helps aid our chakra energy flow

That gives us health beyond anything we’ve ever know

And when you experience this

Your mind will be blown

And you will see the truth

That all your hopes are within you

And there is light not just darkness too

And what you get is completely up to you

Its your right to choose

And I choose light.

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