Your beauty

You’re more beautiful than you know

You don’t need to strike a pose,

Just being who you are

Looking the way you do,

That just instills passion in my heart,

To dedicate my life and all my time to you,

Knowing how smart you are

And the humour you possess

That is enough for me

To become obsessed

But I wont suffocate or stifle you,

I will give you the space

And the freedom to move,

I see the twinkle within your eyes

That shows me how wonderfully

You choose to live life

And I will make this vow to you

That I will always be here loving you

And that I will do what I can to help you grow

So that you can feel your spirit grow

Because I dedicate my life to your beauty

You are the brightest light that I’ve ever seen

And that resonates in me

I am in awe of your beauty.

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