It’s not the sex but the lies

I am so confused

What am I supposed to do

Do I care for and love you

Even though I know the truth

You’re seeing somebody else

And I feel left upon the shelf

I am hurting,

I am suffering,

I feel betrayed,

Every single day.

It’s not the fact that you cheat

Sex with him means nothing to me

It was someone else before

And you left them for me because you got bored

So I know you

What you can do

And that’s ok

But why do you lie to me?

You can’t see that the lies

Hurts me

More than the sex ever could

If you confided and told me

I would have give you my blessing

You may find that strange

But that’s just my way

Its not because I don’t care

It’s because I want you to be happy

But I just thought we could communicate and talk

Not go sneaking around to meet this guy all over town

It’s not good seeing and hearing

You lie

There’s tears

In my eyes

As you act sly

And treat me as if I am a fool.

On and on

And on it goes

You can go where the love flows

Just please don’t lie

Just please confide

And everything will be alright

I love you

I still want you

Please believe me

And please just speak to me.

4 thoughts on “It’s not the sex but the lies

  1. She/he is not lying to you but to herself/himself. If people don’t have enough respect and self esteem to be honest with themselves, don’t expect them to be honest with you. Let them go and heal yourself because if you beg love from someone who’s breaking your trust, it means that you don’t have enough love and esteem for yourself. I’m 50 years old and I’ve done that, been there, walk off before it’s too late and find love inside yourself first. Then and only then, you will attract the right kind of people. I’ve been single for almost 7 years now, taking care and nourishing myself and I’ve never been happier! 😘

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    1. Thank you very much for reading and appreciating. It’s not based on a personal situation for me but I’ve witnessed others caught up in this close to me. I am glad you found happiness.


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