She was alone in a house

A bombed out shell

Living in a city that resembled hell

Face caked in dirt and dust

A forlorn little girl alone and lost

Parents buried below the stones

The rest of the families whereabouts unknown

She cries dry tears from dry eyes

She is barely even conscious if she is alive

Around outside all she hears is bombs

She feels so abandoned and so alone

Her hair like her clothes are a tousled mess

She is in pain and so much distress

And as she moved and stood up

Stepping over rubble over the parents she loved her pain is doubled

She walked zombie like towards the road

Outside this bombed out shell that was once her home.

She was too young to have go through this

At 4 or 5 years old she is a witness

To genocide and atrocities

Carried out by different countries globally

The blood is on their hands of the innocent

For driving this city and this country into a downward descent

Towards a dark place many would call hell

Where once good homes were now just shells

Where once good families beneath the rubble dwell

And abandoned and alone in this place is this little girl

No where to go, no future for her

No hope left for her in this world

Now look at her and watch her pain and hurt

And then look back at me

And tell me what is going on is not indecency

Look me in the eyes and tell me these are not crimes

Crimes against humanity

Government leaders, despots and dictators

Play games with innocent lives

Ruining this poor abandoned girls life

All for money, power and territory

In the name of all these things humanity bleeds

And all that is left is abject misery.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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