It’s not all about me

Me, is it all about me?

All self centered

With intractable beliefs

Is this me,

Is it all about me?

No, so release the ego

And set yourself free

What I do, maybe for myself

But the thoughts and needs

Of others are considered as well

I see, further than my own nose

And as for my beliefs

They are fluid and they flow

As I learn more

Because I have an open mind

And open eyes

That once were blind

But now I see

Life’s true reality

And what I’ve learnt more

Is it isn’t all just about me

I care for my being

I care for my soul

And with regards my life

I like to think I am in control

Rather than being controlled

But the thoughts and the suffering

And the happiness of others

Is pivotal too me

With my eyes I perceive

A world and a universe

Much bigger than me

And although I believe

My conscious mind creates everything

There’s a reason for me

Having a sense of others humanity

It’s not all about

I know this you see

Because I set my spirit free

And became awakened to the truth

That we must have open beliefs

That are fixed and entrenched

Because that’s when we get things wrong

In a life where we know nothing

Where we are learning new things all the time

Retain an open mind and open eyes

Don’t let ego or self alone define your life

See there’s more than this

And its important to love and care

For those others in life

With in which, you know that you should share.

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