I forgive you

Blood trickles from an empty wound

That I know was inflicted by you

Yet despite this I forgive you

Because that’s good my soul

Letting the pain and anger go

Rather holding on to it to hold onto you

If you’re prepared to hurt me this way

Then there can be know love

You don’t hurt anyone that you love that much

So I am not just going to let you destroy the soul of me

I am rooted in my authenticity

I care for you and love you

But I have to do what’s best you see

I can’t let continue hurting me

No matter how I feel

No matter if I perceive you to be

Better than this, in reality

You hurt me once shame on you

You hurt me twice or more

Then shame on me

But I forgive you all the same

Because doing this is good for my soul

The same as letting you go

And giving us space to grow.

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