Discord and discontent

Discord and discontent

Within ones being

Is a cause for a sad lament

For the spirit of pure love

As well of inner peace

Should always be in reach

That discord and that discontent

Is something often sown by others

They plant toxic seeds within you

They do this to unbalance the truth

That they see resides in you

And this stops them gaining any control

But once that seed is germinated

And started growing affecting all you think and do

They move in and take advantage

They move in and exploit you

So keep your mind and eyes open to the truth

That you must remain, authentic and true to you

Don’t ever lose your way

For those that build you up only wish to knock you down again

And you need no one else to bolster you

For deep within you know that the potential is right there

Dormant in some cases waiting for you to dare take a chance

Waiting for you too find the courage to live well

To be brave enough to take a risk

Put yourself out there and show the reason why it is you exist

And prove to yourself that you can do anything

When focused on the task in hand

And setting aside the discord and discontent

Put their by another hand

Don’t let them plant that seed

Live your life in love and bliss and reinforce your self belief.

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