So you think I am off the wall

I can seem to some a little mad

My views can leave others feeling I have lost the plot

But they don’t see I’ve lived the way they do

Doing all I am told to do adhering to all the rules

Keeping my head down and my mouth shut

And that never worked for me

That life just seemed to drown me

As I lost myself in routine and mundanity

Trying to be, what everybody expected me to be

But I woke up and saw it didn’t make me happy

And if you’re not happy then what’s the point of life

Call me weird and crazy if you like

For wanting to break out from this

To take some chances take some risks

And fulfill what you want to be

Not doing things others may perceive as right for you

But living your life the you always wanted to

Not trying to aspire to others dreams and hopes they set for you

As a way of controlling all you do

And being able to restrict you

From doing more than they could ever do

Be yourself my friend

Because in the end

It’s only mad to hold yourself back

Only crazy to live with other people controlling all you do

It’s only weird to surrender your life

To live it to a lifestyle decided by others and not by you

It’s only fact that in the end only you can know

What it is you Want from life

And if you’re capable

It’s down to you

And no one else

So don’t be afraid to be different.

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