Wash your soul in the river of love


Your days seem dark

You feel betrayed

There’s nothing you trust anymore

And bitterness is eating you away

What is the answer to feeling this way?

Well you got to go to the river of love

That flows within you

And wash your soul until you see the truth

That light is therefore you and never leaves

Betrayal is an illusory belief created by your ideals

Fabricated hopes and dreams

Placed on to others not always knowing

Many times when you start going deep

You see that you are the creator and destroyer of your own being

Instilling unachievable dreams

Building up unrealistic feelings

Set aspirations impossible to achieve

And blaming everybody else. When it all just falls apart

Always keep an open mind and heart

And see the truth

That everything is down to you

Your responsible for all you create and do

So to get the light to shine on you

And to allow the river of love to wash and cleanse your soul

These understanding you have to own

And your thinking you will need to evolve

No one else can affect you

Unless you choose to them then it’s true.

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