Live wild, free and raw

Do you believe you’re just here to consume

To gain and spend money in the material zoo

Do you not think you’re here to discover the creative you

To spring forth like a flower of love in full bloom

I can only hope that you one day look within you

See the potentiality that you can aspire too

I see an amazing beautiful you in truth

You don’t need to hide yourself in make up to look chic

For I see the beauty in the authentic natural you

I see the light and colourful aura

And the passionate love burning hot within you

I can’t believe you would subdue it trying to look normal

Normal is for the zombie like sheep who live for the rules

I think to hold back so much of yourself is so cruel

To others who want to share that same passion love with you

Are you a unique individual

Or are you just one of societies tools

Free to be used and abused on a promise of something more

You need to be wild and free and live life raw

Not by the way they conditioned and domesticated you

I get so frustrated when I imagine how much of yourself you sell

To fit in within everybody else.

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