I see the truth in the depths of you

Look me in the eyes

I’ll tell you truthfully

No need for lies

What lays at the depths of you

What you would wish you could do

I could show you how to let go

Show you how to put on your best show

Get you doing things you’d only dreamt of

Simply because you were to scared to move

Because you were afraid if they saw just what’s in you

That they mock and they make laugh

Or that they may cast you out

And I’ve no doubt they wouldn’t do that

And all this I could tell from within your eyes

And none of what I say would be lies

But it’s stuff that you already knew

Stuff refuse to face in truth

Because you show nobody the real you

Because you’re scared to seem vulnerable

Yet that the most awesome thing about you

That where your love and light beautifies you most

And that what I think is most amazing about you.

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