Substance is my life

Sage advice and self control

Balanced living in heat and soul

Shades of colours that bring to life

Every aspect of this beautiful life

Try to hurt me make me bleed

But you cannot but you can’t see

Avarice means very little to me

I live for love, light, compassion and peace

You may look like you have perfect life

But that doesn’t appeal to me with all it’s needs

To simply be about show with little substance I know

I want my life to mean a whole lot more than that

Wearing brands and material crap

Is not my style so you can have that back

A deep understanding and knowledge of life

Helping others in stress and strife

Makes you shine bright enough

Standing strong when times get tough

Building character and resilience

Helping others is magnificent

Rather that just helping self

Just to look better than everyone else

I get more from life from helping those on their knees

Than I do do when making money

But maybe that’s just me

Yet I know that’s not the case

There are more I see

Living this way but we go through life unseen

Which is fine by me

But I galls me when I see those who chase greed

Plastered all over my TV screen

It says so much about our societies.

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