The wind of change

Someone so rigid and fixed in their views

Will always face one major issue

That they will wonder bend and break

When in the right time the wind of change blows through

To set in their ways they’re no flexible

Staunchly clinging to old archaic views

Even if fly’s in the face of overwhelming truth

So what else can they do but break when they hear the news

That everything they thought they knew has been disproved

I flow like a river and I twist and turn

Understanding each day we learn

We need to keep open eyes and minds

See the wrongs and rights on all sides

Never worry, fret or fear

When it becomes so clear that the angle your coming from

Is skewed and maybe wrong

The open mind takes this on board

Analyses and records it all

Then adjusts it’s thinking to reflect the truth

There’s nothing wrong with me and you

Admitting from time to time we got it wrong

That shows a character that’s strong

And less likely to break

Because we can adapt in the face and cope with the wind of change.


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