Get out and do it

We work so many hours

We all get so tired

We work for meagre pay

To keep our families safe

But what if you could go your own way

What if you could earn your own wage

No longer needing their money

What if you earn it your way

You could tell them you don’t need them

You tell them to go to hell

No longer having to work to make them rich

What it you could break this spell

Go out and find a way to do this

Go out and try to find yourself

Go out and earn your own money

It’s time to enrich yourself

Let’s not work for other people

Let’s no line their pockets any more

I can not speak for you but

I’ve had enough of being poor

Get out and find just what you can do

Get out and discover the real you

Be the one to finally walk away

They will miss us when we’re gone

But we can can say to them we’re done

Working as their low pay slaves

We’re done living life this way

We’re done with the daily routine

We’re done living life so mundane.

2 thoughts on “Get out and do it

  1. You have poetically expressed, exactly what my son and I have found to be true about ‘NO more 9 to 5’. We have taken on that journey and those around us are blind and unknowing to our ways. Their words are of caution and to say that we cannot do that! We MUST have a JOB, is how they believe. They cannot discourage us, for we know the times have changed. We trust and believe, from a knowing inside.
    Wonderful sharing from you, as always.
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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