She bleeds because she’s lonely

She bleeds rainbow coloured blood

Each time she cut herself to feel

She damaged herself to know that she was real

She had eyes resonating stars

That wept tears that were so large

They could cause tsunamis across here world

It had this way since she was a little girl

All her life she always felt disconnected

All her life she always felt rejected

She had lips that yearned to be kissed

But that affection she has missed

In a place of cosmic grace and bliss

But beyond other souls to visit

It needed a conscious mind

To find her in this quantum realm

And though she felt some come close

Somehow they just passed by

If they only knew she was there

She was a universal prize

Her beauty it did reside on a plain so far and wide

But without the love she needed

Life was a misery to her

And although in everyway she was perfect

She was still alone in realm of tears

She would bleed like a river

It had been this way for years

But eternal was her being

Immortality became her fear

She just craved love to heal the wounds

She just needed love in truth

She just needed affection

To stop this feeling of rejection

I wish I could find my way to her

And fulfill all of her needs

I wish I could find my way to her

So she no long has to bleed.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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