Ode to the child snatchers

Ripped and torn from parents arms

Causing psychological long term harm

Children being left traumatized

In detention centers full of cages

Various kids of various ages

Susceptible now to sexual and mental abuse

Who in hell was it it that gave you

This right to use these innocent kids as political tools

Guess it’s nothing new in truth

You only have to watch the news

To see the atrocities you do

To kids in Syria with that war and death

Have you no compassion or morals left

That you can destroy kids in this way

And why are people not taking too the streets

Why are they not doing something

Children are disappearing and dying

Or put in cages hysterically crying

The politics of all of this is not theirs

Where are the child authorities that claim to care

This is a human rights tragedy

A crime against humanity

Why is no one being held to account

Brought to justice or being sent down

This age in which we live seems oblivious too

The suffering of these kids that are all over the news

Sanitised it seems now to be

But you can’t say you never knew

They say these detention centers are like holiday camps

The Nazis claimed the same with concentration camps

This policy is coming to you direct from ‘Mein Kampf’

Like the film of ‘The boy in striped pyjamas’

Same fascist rules and traits

Same policies in the world today

What more is it going to take

For people to bring about a change

Don’t wait for governments to fix it

Because as it stands its working in their best interests

As a humanity we will be judged

Buy how much we leave others to suffer

And on our lack of action, compassion and trust.

8 thoughts on “Ode to the child snatchers

  1. It seems current affairs have us all (most of us at least) not to happy with what this Trump guy is doing. He is a stain on America. History will not treat him to kindly. Thank you for another thoughtful piece of writing.

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  2. Thank you for putting this stain of our government in your blog. People can say that it is un-American or even American. But this policy is clearly inhumane. And ‘that’ is before any type of nationalism. Stop the inhumanity to humanity.

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