Years pass and memories fade

So many years pass by

And memories of you have faded

Not because I’ve forgotten about you

But because so much has happened in life

I looked at a picture of you and it’s hard because I miss you

And I miss your love and talking to you in truth

You are not there to share my dreams and worries with

You are not there to share achievements and aspirations with

I’d have been proud for you too see my kids and how they’ve grown so strong and big

And it hurts me inside so much

Because now I have lost touch

With the memories of growing up

And everything you both did for me

And though our life was really tough because we never had enough

But what you could give me was love and I appreciate that so much

I had the best childhood anyone could ask for

You gave me freedom and the right to enjoy being a child

And I see these as my golden times

But I still miss you and it hurts the memories of you have become so hard to recall

But as my mum and dad I will always think and pay homage to you

Because you created me and gave me life and so I to thank and give gratitude in truth

To you my wonderful and loving parents

You’re always on my mind.

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