‘I don’t care,do you? ‘

‘I don’t care, do you?’ written on the jacket

Of a superficial person who is in on the power and greed racket

The answer to your question is yes I care very much

And I also care that those close to those who rule

Should also care as much too

A superficial person said it didn’t mean anything

While jetting off too see children in caged imprisonment

Now either you have to be very ignorant

Or calculating sick to think you can where a jacket

Saying something like this

And to think that no one will mind or take any offence

After all this superficial person is married to the US President

Who uses innocent children to gain political ground

She was off too visit these children of supposedly illegal immigrants

Yet Trumps dad was one of them back when he was a kid

And this superficial person is also an immigrant to

Got her green card to a better life by getting with and on you know who

She is either so stupid or so cold to actually act this way

But I guess all I have to say is I don’t care about you, do you?

Do you care you’re hypocritical

Uncaring bordering on brutal

And when you look into the mirror do you realise and see your just another immigrant too.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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