Abandoned for being me


Abandoned by my sanity

Not knowing now what too believe

I sank into a hole of despair

Abandoned by those who I chose to believe

Were my friends but now they left me

I feel abandoned and so lonely.

My mind goes to dark places

I see many people but they have no faces

I’ve felt so alone in such a crowded space

I feel myself sinking down

Being swallowed up by the ground

That’s why I am feeling so abandoned now.

One moment I was popular and cool

Next moment I felt it so cruel, people turned their backs on me

Due to my views on society

And how it made them question their lives

And so they abandoned me

For being me and speaking my mind truthfully.

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  1. Ah, yes…the love to hate, to love again syndrome? “A watchful eye is always in the distance-near”. Confidence understands the way of the world, to stand alone is what the world awaits. Once you find your comfort of your place in the world, no one can take that away from you/anyone. Not even if they drag you through the dirt one hundred times! Because not a one of us is with out troubles, or sin! And to find your place of comfort is living life’s fullest potential!! Love your writing, and reading between the lines is as smooth as silk.

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