Ancient mysteries

Ancient mysteries regarding God and men

And the possibilities between extraterrestrial beings

How was it Rome and Greece advanced so fast

And what happened to Atlantis, the Incas and the Mayans

Did they go back to the stars

Were the beings that were alien

If the Portuguese really killed and wiped them out

Was it because the knew how to produce gold

And they craved to find their secret

Did the Gods come down and aide the Greeks, the Romans and Egyptians

Taught them ideas far advanced for them

To help these species evolve

Only to find the abused the knowledge hoping to control.

Not only Earth but also the heavens

The realms of the Gods that gave them knowledge

Has humanity had many chances but blew it through their brutal nature

Have they shown to God’s and alien beings our true ignorant warlike behaviour

And did they leave so as to destroy ourselves or start evolving

Without their help or aid

Do they now sit back and watch how we behave

Moving closer to extinctions grave

While some of us fight to save this Earth and humanity

Is this I ask a futile task?

One that other worldly beings tried and failed

So what make us believe that we can succeed

But will die trying too anyway.

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