Me hurt! You can’t even begin to imagine

She hitched a ride on passing space ship

Wanted to get out of the rift

Where merchants, pirates and mercenary fiends

Traded and lived out all their pleasures

She ended up here after being betrayed

By a man she though loved her and it was for always

But he drugged her and left her behind

And now she was going out of her mind

And when a suave looking man came along

Offering her a chance to join his crew

She decided to grab it with both hands

She had confided in him. Her bad news

He sympathised called her ex love a cad

Said he could do nothing as betraying as that

But now in the hold of his space ship

She realised he had lied like her ex

And now she was a slave on this ship for sex

Abused and beaten, raped and exploited

Used as the ships depraved worships

Until the suave Captain took her to his cabin one day

And she found a way to gut him with a blade

And before the crew knew it she was in charge

And working them to the extreme

And treating them harsh

Leaving each one on every hell hole planet she could find

And replacing them with the feminine divine

Pretty soon they were the scourge of space

Eliminating the masculine race

Raising feminine superiority that ruled the universe

She soon taught men what it was like to be hurt.

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