A funny thing happened on the way to Mars


A funny thing happened on my way to mars

While astral travelling among the stars

I met some alien beings who were kind to me

And asked if I’d be interested in trying some moonbeams.

Now I am not one to ever take drugs

But they said it would induce cosmic love

And the moment that I took it I felt the whole of space spin

And saw a black hole into which I’d swim

And visit the multiverse at a frightening speed

And raced through asteroid belts that led me

Among a multitude of quasars

Surrounded by a cluster of shooting stars

Then as I watched this from what seemed afar

A supernova blew me straight to Mars

Where I shook my head and looked around at the stars

And made a vow then that if I saw any aliens at large

Don’t be taken in and try their pills

Because although it was a thrill

Of cosmic spills

It left me reeling and feeling somewhat dazed and ill.

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