Plastic guns

We are arming little children with plastic guns

Then showing them on TV just how killing is done

Is anyone surprised then when as some grow into adults

That they have been to extremely influenced

And find the need to day dream of doing it for real

And when that fateful day come trust me

Use that gun they will

To kill someone who more than likely never deserved to die

It’s just that the crosshairs was there between there

Right between the killers eyes

And in their mind defined

Raised with plastic guns they think that killing is alright

Because they we conditioned to believe it

They saw it in the films and watched it on the video games

They think they can kill people and that they should not have to take the blame.

Society has blood on its hands as well.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

5 thoughts on “Plastic guns

  1. At a very young age, I went from playing cowboys and Indians (the Indians never won), then I went to playing cops and robbers (robbers never won). Squirt guns (and water balloons) were all the rage then it went to super soakers and paint ball.
    Now the action isn’t even an outdoor activity but played indoors via game console.
    It’s a sad reality.

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