Miracles of the stars

I sit in the glow

Of my self love

Does anyone notice me

Does anyone care

So many of us now

Going about our lives

With so much on our minds

We barely try

To see those around us who need love

And those around us who need help

So when we get a moment to catch our breath

We should take stock of everything

And look at those

Who may live around us

Those who maybe struggling

And I need of help

And take a moment to ask if we can do more

Even if it’s just love more

Or offer them our help

So as I sit here in my self love glow

I seek out others who I may know

That need my help or maybe just someone to talk too

It never takes that much to make other people feel good

Because although we may feel we have nothing

Kindness is always free

And when we offer it then believe me

Your heart, soul and mind raises to a higher frequency

So don’t let this life simply devour you

And take up all your time so

You can’t show your love

And so that you cannot show kindness

That’s what makes us who we are

Miracles of the stars.

12 thoughts on “Miracles of the stars

  1. This is why I love reading your posts… The amount of love and concern you show for the world around you is painted on every word you write and it’s uplifting. You are definitely a miracle of the stars, my friend. Very beautiful poem! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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