Skin adorned in tattoos

I want to be loving

I want to be skin to skin

I want to share emotions

I want to feel combined affection

I want to be mind melding

With you

The beautiful woman adorned in tattoos

Tanned silky skin looking so fine

Excuse me for being rude

But you’re on my mind

Pretty much all of the time

You look so perfect

You must have been created by design

And to not notice someone as beautiful as you

Now that would be a crime

You truly stand out during this summer time

So let me get closer and talk a bit

Let us share some thoughts

Let’s explore this

Find some common ground

Without being profound

And then let’s do something to make us proud

And then try something wild

That makes a sound so loud

That it can’t be turned down

As we come together as twin flames

Burning so bright in the night

This is the only way

We will only truly know if we are a good fit

Mentally, spiritually, with similar wit

Focusing on every aspects of our being

Your just so amazing

I can’t believe what I am seeing

So let’s go share some loving

Getting down skin to skin

You, the one with the tattoos adorning

That I want to wake up next to when the new day is dawning

Oh my God!

I think I am suddenly lost.

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