The shape of you this summer

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The summers here and you worked that body

and you have really got into shape,

you rock every outfit the you put on

and to see you in your swimwear is just insane,

body perfect and body fit, I wonder why you do it?

is it the pressure from society or the glossy magazines?

not that I am complaining, you loo so good healthy and amazing,

I just wanted to know it’s your choice what you do

not to just slot in with what is expected of you.

Body conscious so refined, a body that’s slim by design

are you comfortable with how you look?

are you comfortable in your own skin?

which by the way is tanned and so amazing

but it would not matter to me

if it was not cellulite and dimple free,

I go further than just skin deep and I am not about to start judging

and as long as during the summer time, life is something you’re loving,

Then that is all good to me, I just want to know your happy,

how look and how you feel is of no ones else’s business, not even mine

but I just wanted to let you know, that shape of you is simply divine and sublime.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest


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